Tell Me About Elite
Inner Circle

Tell Me About Elite Inner Circle

I’ll be taking care of you personally in Elite Inner Circle!
I will be your Google, Bro you don’t need any trick or hacks You need a personalised program that’s easy to follow and designed specifically for your goals. If you’re willing to follow what will I customise I’ll not let you fail!
More than you I am also looking for my next transformation story. Click the Join Now & I’ll see you on WhatsApp

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Checkout Recent
Elite Transformation

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What Will I Get Access to

Science Based Workouts

Access video walkthrough for every exercise with fully customize each workouts just for you

⁠Personalised 45 minutes & 4 days a week workout program you need to build your dream body

The workouts will be optimized to focus on key muscle groups that people notice the most

Skip the traditional workouts, Try Modern Scientific Conditioning workouts in Elite Inner Circle

Weekly 1-1 Calls

Direct access to me through whatsapp, I will be there for you!

Get your questions answered even in different time zone as well

⁠Personalised attention for me so you don’t fail this time

Expert Advice tailored to your goals

Personalised Meal Plan

Over 200+ Meals for Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian & Indian Diet

Meal Plan will be fully customised as per your food preference

Lose Fat & build lean muscles faster with New Proven Diet Approach

Weekly Shopping list prepared for you

Mission Aesthetic Physique

Focuses more on key muscle groups

Boulder Shoulder & Full looking Chest

Thick Back & build some Juicy Arms

⁠Conditioning to get rid of stubborn fat & Core Tightening

Why Elite Inner Circle ?

Hey there, I’m Gaurav Molri, a certified coach and featured on top news channels.

Let me share a bit of honesty with you – a few years back, I felt pretty weak, insecure, and seeking validation from others.

But I made a promise to myself to change, and I did! After trying different programs and becoming certified, I cracked the code to pack lean muscles and keep visible abs in no time.

I’ve already coached 2875 busy professionals, and now I’m aiming for 4000 this year with the Elite Inner Circle!


Are you ready to take back control of your life? This is your opportunity to join an elite training program for men dedicated to realising their potential in fitness, career and relationship. If that sounds like you, it’s time to take action before it’s too late…

Choose your commitment level

1 Month

12,000 INR

billed monthly

3 Months

24,000 INR

billed quarterly

12 Months

72,000 INR

billed yearly


The Elite Inner Circle targets key "aesthetic" muscle groups:

  • Core: Tighten your midsection
  • Lateral Deltoids: Achieve “boulder” shoulders
  • Upper Chest: Develop a full-looking chest
  • Lats: Build a thick back that turns heads
  • Biceps/Triceps: Ready to sculpt juicy arms?
  • Conditioning: Say goodbye to stubborn fat.




See some common questions and answers below, or email me at

Are the programs available for People outside India?

I customised the program myself and work with different time zones that’s why my personal WhatsApp will be given

How do I receive the program?

Your program will be in form of video every workout, each exercises will be demonstrated by me & Diet Plan will be given with Recipe Videos & Grocery Shopping List

Is each month the same?

No, each month is different. This will involve an increase weight, change of exercises and changes in your meal plan that is constantly updated. It’s all about progress and maintenance.

What If I'm Missing Equipment
(Or Injured)?

If you cannot perform an exercise for ANY reason, don’t worry! Every workout is 100% customizable, which means I’ll instantly swap out an exercise and find you a suitable replacement


Inner Circle offers full access to all workouts & diet plan for lifetime, 1-1 Call with Gaurav himself, and whtsapp support. You can choose between a quarterly or yearly subscription offers.

What If I’m Just A Beginner?

Elite Inner Circle is designed to scale to your experience level. This means that regardless if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced I will customised a workout program that pushes your personal limits.
After Enrolment, I send a detailed fitness assessment which involves fitness level & posture analysis


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